09 – Banquo’s Ghost Appears

Macbeth Summary

The Macbeths throw a party & to their surprise Banquo’s ghost gate crashes

The Macbeths threw a party and invited all the most important people in the land. The party was to be their alibi as Banquo and Fleance were murdered but it all went horribly wrong.

Banquo's Ghost Appears

Banquo’s Ghost Appears

Narrator: The party was well and truly underway.
Macbeth: Gee i hope I only have to tell him off for being late rather than something else.
Narrator: Just then Banquo’s ghost entered the room
Macbeth: Ok. I’m pretty freaked out now.
Narrator: But only Macbeth could see the ghost.
Lady Macbeth: And there I was thinking a little water would have cleansed us of this deed.
Macbeth: You can’t prove I did it.
Lady Macbeth: Shhh, pull yourself together. You’re only seeing things like you did the dagger.
Macbeth: Let the earth hide you! Get out of my sight.
Lady Macbeth: The king has been a bit out of sorts lately. We’d better call it an evening.
Macbeth: I think I better go speak to the witches again.

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Macbeth Summary

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