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11 – Macduff’s Family are Murdered

Macbeth Summary

‘Beware Macduff’

When Macbeth asks the witches about Banquo’s descendants the cauldron disappears & eight ghost-like images of future kings pass Macbeth. Macbeth then has Macduff’s family murdered. Lady Macbeth commits suicide because she can’t bear the guilt & haunting visions any longer. Then the forest begins to move.

Macduff’s Family are Slain & Lady Macbeth Suicides

What is Being Said:

Macbeth: And what of Banquo’s descendants?
Narrator: With those words, the cauldron disappeared and eight ghostly kings passed with Banquo smiling.
Narrator: From that day onward Macbeth did everything he could to hand onto power. He even sent his men to kill Macduff’s wife, children and servants.
Messenger: Sir, Macbeth had had your family slain.
Macduff: All my pretty ones? All? It is time for revenge!
Narrator: Meanwhile Lady Macbeth could not cope with her guilt.
Messenger: Sire, your wife has killed herself.
Narrator: Then it gets worse…
Soldier: Sire, I could be wrong, but it looks like the forest is moving towards us.

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Macbeth Summary

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