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05 – King Duncan Arrives & Dagger Appears

Macbeth Summary

King Duncan Arrives and a Dagger ‘Appears’

King Duncan is so pleased with Macbeth’s triumph in battle he makes a special trip to see his general & attend a formal banquet. Macbeth then begins to wrestle with his conscience, ‘Is this a dagger I see before me?’

Macbeth Summary
Macbeth Summary – The Killing is About to Begin

What is Being Said:

Narrator – Soon Duncan arrived to thank Macbeth for his bravery. The king brought the heirs to the throne with him, Prince Malcolm and Donalbain. Lady Macbeth played the perfect host & did not give away her intentions.
Duncan – Take notes lads. This lady knows how to throw a party.
Duncan – Greetings my lady. I’d like you to meet my sons… prince Malcolm & Donalbain.
Lady Macbeth – Honoured as ever Your Majesty.
Narrator – After the party…
Lady Macbeth – So… the drugs I put in the guards’ wine should be kicking in now. Ok, where has my husband gone?
Narrator – Meanwhile, Macbeth is wrestling with his conscience.
Macbeth – Is this a dagger I see before me, the handle toward my hand?

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Macbeth Summary

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