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06 – Lady Macbeth Goes to Kill Duncan

Macbeth Summary

Lady Macbeth Goes to King Duncan’s Room to Kill Him

After drugging the king’s guards, Lady Macbeth goes to King Duncan’s room with the intention of killing him. She cannot perform the crime because Duncan looks too much like her father. She then berates her husband for not carrying out the ‘deed’.

Macbeth Summary – The Guards ‘Fall Asleep’ on the Job

What is Being Said:

Narrator: Lady Macbeth then crept into Duncan’s room with a dagger.
Lady Macbeth: I fear my husband is too kind to carry out our plan.
Narrator: She then returned and berated Macbeth for hesitating.
Lady Macbeth: Screw your courage to the sticking place.
Macbeth: There are many reasons not to do this crime.
Guard: Patrol the perimeters again lads. I’ve got a strange feeling about this night.

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Macbeth Summary

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