A Summary of Macbeth

What is Macbeth About? A Summary of Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

Macbeth Summary

Macbeth is one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays. It is filled with mystery, betrayal, blood, madness, regicide, honor, scheming and blood. The play explores some of the darkest elements of human character and many of its themes ring true several hundred years after the tragedy was first performed. This is a graphic novel overview of ‘The Scottish Play’.

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Enter the Witches -Macbeth & Banquo

macbeth summary 2
The Witches
Speak to Macbeth
macbeth summary 3

The witches speak to Banquo. Macbeth gets a promotion.

macbeth summary 4

Lady Macbeth
begins plotting.

macbeth summary 5
King Duncan

arrives & Macbeth sees a dagger.
macbeth summary 6
Lady Macbeth
 goes to kill King Duncan, but can’t.
macbeth summary 7

Macbeth kills King Duncan & his Guards

macbeth summary 8

Macbeth has Banquo Assassinated

macbeth summary 9

Banquo’s Ghost Appears at the Party

macbeth summary 10
Macbeth visits the Witches a Second Time
macbeth summary 11

Macbeth Has Macduff’s Family Murdered

macbeth summary 12

Birnam Wood Comes to Dunsinane & Macbeth Dies


Macbeth Worksheet

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